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Here is a short list of online links to get you started in your quest to play the bass guitar.  Links to lesson sites, forums, blogs, and other helpful bass playing site.  These are the sites I've used but there are so many online.  All you have to do is Google "learn bass guitar" and there you have it!  However, maybe by my year of going through so many bass websites and choosing those which actually helped and had great information, presented in an easy format for both beginners and professionals, you won't have to spend hours viewing boring bass sites. 

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    This site has everything....mainly...LESSONS for all types of music.  You can search around and listen to riffs, play along as they have the tabs. It is hard to explain, but visit this site.  It is great and fun to learn the riffs and play along.
    A no-brainer here.  Also has everything but I enjoy the bassplayerTV and the lessons in video with Flea or whoever.  Also, lesson videos from professionals on Metal bass playing, rock bass playing, slap, etc.  See, I NEED things spelled out to me VERBALLY.  I need to see what they are doing.  This site helps.  Also is very helpful for learning about gear...basses, amps, pedals, etc.  I just thought all basses were the same, some just were heavier than others and a different color! ha!  And what are EFFECTS???? Oh, and a pedal???
  • LRRGs BlogSpot (Living Room Rock Gods) is a site that was born out of a YouTube friend's (PookLowEnd) love of playing the bass, and understanding that there are thousands of us around the world that play, some are outstanding bassists, some aren't so great (OK, so that is the category I'm in).  The site is interesting in that it takes a funny look at the comments we get on YouTube, it highlights musicians online that are SO good and yet humble, it allows musicians to discuss bass, drums, whatever, in a polite, fun way.  There isn't a bunch of crap, ego stuff. Just musicians talking music.
    OK, I have a tuner....then, my friend got me a BOSS Chromatic tuner.. BUT, I was STILL having problems tuning down to how my band plays, which is 1/2 step down and the E as C#.  Then, some songs were just Drop D.  Until I could figure out HOW to use the BOSS tuner, I relied HEAVILY on you need to check it out, it is cool!  But useless if you are a band and playing a can't take the computer with you to tune your bass for you.

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I play a Peavey Millenium 4-string bass. My amp is a Peavey combo amp, MAX 115. I have to have a small neck because my hands are small and I have trouble playing bass correctly on the fret board. So I look up exercises online and play them over and over. I also have an Ibanez SR500 5 string that is beautiful but too large to learn to play on. But it is the bass that got me started playing.

A friend introduced me to the computer software, Cakewalk. I purchased a copy and love it. You can mix your own music, record, add drum tracks, plug directly into your computer for a clean sound from your bass. It is great for working on original stuff. Also, the software SlowGold and SlowBlast are great. They have the ability to slow tracks down so you can hear the bass, guitar or drums and catch the notes and timing. All of these programs are available to purchase online. They have demo and trial versions available.

This Peavey bass is perfect for me, size and sound. The amp is too large to lug around, but I have to because it is my only amp. It doesn't have the big, rich sound, but is perfect for jamming with friends and learning. If I knew how to set it up, I might get the sound I want. But my friends have huge amps, heads, wattage so that makes a difference. A friend let me use a small SWR bass amp, I loved it.
REVIEWS: Reviews will be coming soon when my friends start reviewing their gear.


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