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December 28, 2008
You have inspired me....I was a musician off and on for 17 yrs, until about 8 yrs ago when I was diagnosed with "psoriatic arthritis". My hands were so messed up and sore( wish I could show you my index finger on my left hand.. it almost resembles a hook, cant bend it at all) that I could no longer play at the level I was used to (not that I was the second coming of Billy Sheehan, mind you, lol).. I gave it up. I figured if I couldn't play at 100% of my ability, why play at all... I dont even have a bass anymore and I miss playing terribly.... but seeing your video has changed that for me.....thank you..you'll never know just how much you have inspired me.....

December 4, 2009
amazing amazing
You are so good, I love the bass and drums, all the bass stuff I have watched on YouTube, your sound is the best, to me your style is what bass is, so clean, perfect and low, your great, have a great Christmas, I will be looking for all your new videos.

November 29, 2008
Hi Susie
I just wanted to say I found you through looking at bass guitar videos on YouTube and I really liked how you play. My son is Asperser's (Autistic) and for his 13th birthday I bought him a beginners electric guitar (squire bullet), since the summer he has become quite accomplished. He has always been musically inclined, plays percussion and piano. Now he wants me to learn to play a bass or drums so we can form a band (I am pretty much tone deaf... lol) Anyway, you are a great player and I wanted you to know I liked your videos and found your personal story moving.
Keep on keeping on!

November 24, 2008
This is an awesome cover. I've read you're profile and its totally awesome that you've adapted and basically play how you wanna play.

November 13, 2008
Read your on page that you have Lupus. Its not easy I know because I've known a few people who have that condition and its restricting sometimes. Just need to take good care of yourself and watch your diet and rest well, you can still beat It into remission I believe.  Continue to have fun playing music and rock on!

November 13, 2008
I just wanted to tell you that I'm incredibly impressed...playing bass with having lupus is very admirable. I play the bass myself was looking around on YouTube an found your video...I think it was an incubus song. I saw them this year on an festival. their bassist was great. so keep the good thing up ^^ never stop rockin'
greets vom Germany

November 13, 2008
good job and keep practicing good job and keep practicing
I must say you have become an amazing bassist. I've been playing for 13 years and I started in CA in a punk band and we had the best time because we didn't care about reputation or trying to get the huge gig on a beach or anything like that. when I was watching the jam session video I noticed you and the 2nd guitarist laughing and it reminded me of my band out in CA. we had the best friendship/family bond in the world and that's all that truly counts when your in a band. I moved out to RI a few years back with my family and I'm in a metal core band now but I noticed that ever since I joined them we never got a family bond going like I had out in CA. I guess all that really matters to my new band members is weather you know how to shred or not. but I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter how many bands you switch to or if you start your own never stop practicing. now besides all of my moving stories about former bands and what not I must know what song did you first learn when you started...and another thing that shocked me was that your using a Peavey Millennium*** 4-string Bass...when I started I had a fender...I hated it... and I could not nail one metal song but ever since I got the peavey I've been playing dragon force and shredding slipknot with a little more ease so to speak. the songs are still insane and near impossible to fully play on bass but it's still fun. so all in all to finally wrap this "ramble" up I just want to say that your future in being an incredible female bassist is looking really good. keep up the good work and have fun

November 20, 2008
you re awesome...
I'm from Argentina...I'm trying to learn something about bass... I'm gonna take lessons..and looking in YouTube..I found you...
really I like very much how you play ANNA MOLLY from INCUBUS.. well...I hope you keep learning... and sorry for my not very good English vocabulary...

October 22, 2008
Everything bass tab, you did a great job in your video!! Everything bass tab, you did a great job in your video!!
Hi, I just want to say that your an inspiration to me. I'm a drummer of six years, who recently took up bass guitar, which has always been my second love so to speak.
You did a great job on the bass on that song.

Is there any way you can send me that tab? Its a great song, but I cant seem to find a tab for it anywhere. Thank you for your time.

November 7, 2008
I couldn't add a comment for you video so I sent you this message....lol  I read the note at the beginning of the video and I was really impressed with your effort towards playing bass, I'm looking forward to buying my first bass. I'm so disgusted with all the people leaving mean comments and stuff because you gave your all, and keep making good videos..
see ya later

October 8, 2008
Inspirational Inspirational

October 8, 2008
Hi There,
I am just starting to learn the bass so I did a search for other beginners out there and came across your videos. I would just like to say what an inspiration you are to others the fact you ignore your lupus and 'just get on with it' is brilliant.

From one bass player to another - hats off to you!

Be Lucky!

wow you inspired me really wow you inspired me really I no u don't no who I am or no what I look like or no what I have but I have a mild case of the same disease u have sorry if I made it sound a little harsh your a great bass 4 someone with lupus :D not many could do what u have done I never thought I could ever play an instrument really I wish I could have seen your videos like a couple years back I just get made fun of and stuff and people don't accept me and trying new things and failing at them just makes me fell more like a failure so I never tried 2 play guitar but now I no that it's possible 2 do things that people don't expect you 2 Think you 4 putting up your videos without your videos I don't think I would have even thought of trying 2 play guitar again Ty for your wonderful video's you really inspired me deep in my heart I can't repay u enough

Good job Good job
Hi! You're amazing! My mum has Lupus, she's had it since she was about my age. She finds it really hard to live with at times but otherwise she goes on with her life just like any other person. The fact that you've actually done something so creative such as learning to play the bass) regardless of your illness is inspiring. Keep up the good work, because you're better than a lot of bassists who own YouTube accounts.

Hi !!! Hi !!!
I am so happy to see a "female bassist" on YouTube! I am just getting ready to check out your website and I can tell from what little I have read I am already inspired. I am a female just now starting to learn the bass. I want to terribly but starting late in life. I'm 40 now...I am afraid it is too late for me but I am going to do it anyway. I have wanted to do this for so long and always get criticized for wanting to, or that it is not practical, etc...As a mother of 3 and remarried I have expectations of me to only be a Wife and Mother. I am wanting this to bring out my own personality and to call it my own. Anyhow, thank you for sharing with the world. Wishing you further success!

SpectorRay1 YouTube viewers....an inspiration? YouTube viewers....an inspiration? I think it's the other way around.

I've been a bass player for over 20 years now and I sometimes become laxed in practicing. You have such a determination to play and a love for the bass that I'm ashamed of myself during the times when I should be practicing and just don't want to. From now on, whenever I get that feeling, I'll think of you and your spirit. Thank you!

September 10, 2008
You sound great! You’re an inspiration to all us ladies who want to learn the bass!! Keep up the good work and best wishes for feeling better.
San Carlos, CA

April 10, 2008
I'm writing this message to thank you in a way because you inspire me. I also escaped through music from my drug addiction. I finally found my place in playing bass. Day after day I grow stronger, but, after I saw you...it's like.. looking at me (from a different angle, of course). Now, 2 years have passed since I left heroine behind and decided to lay my fingers on something else. Just wanted you to know that you give me strength to continue, and I hope that this message could help you too.
By the way, pls take a look at my attached video. It's made on a poor quality bass (an old fender copy) but now I own an Yamaha trb 1005. Promise I will post something soon using this bass. I would like to keep in touch with you...could talk about bass head and amplifiers:).

June 16, 2008
hey hey
I came across your incubus cover (I already forgot which song) while searching their live performances. I saw a girl with a bass and I was intrigued. I'm a musician myself but I play guitar. I was reading your page and it was nice to see that music lifted your spirit and gave you the strength to move forward. music has saved my life in a tremendous way where if I never began playing id probably be dead today. I don't know why I went into all this but I just felt the need to. live and love music.

August 30, 2008
Just wanted to say that I loved your The River bass video :D

I started learning the main bit on the electric guitar, and it's the same chord as Wake Me Up etc. by Green Day :D Your video has inspired me to get my guitar in tune and start practicing again lol! thanks!

May 24, 2008
Hi, I just saw your video for your "Mistress" cover by Disturbed...as I mentioned in the comment I left, that was an awesome job you did. I read your page description and saw where you mentioned your illness, I just wanted to say I'm glad you decided to not let it keep you down. I pray that God gives you the strength you need to deal with your situation day by day so that you may enjoy your life doing what you love to do to the fullest. I just wanted to let you know this...I know what it's like to live with an illness as well as I have a condition with my digestive system which can make me really sick at times. (sometimes to the point where I can barely get out of bed) So I just wanted to say hi, and I admire the fact that you don't let your illness drag you down. Keep hammering at that bass, I love it!

August 31, 2008
Your an amazing young lady. I'm 57 years old and was in a band back in the late 60's early 70's. I still remember the guys, Ronnie on keyboards, Alex on rhythm guitar, Dave Young on lead guitar and Eddie on drums and yours truly Jimmy on vocals and various hand held percussion things LOL. I admire your will to keep on going. Your instruments sound nice. We had a wide variety. We had a strobe light made out of a floor fan and a cardboard box (I made it). Ronnie had a Farfisi organ, Alex had a Guild hollow body and Dave a Vox guitar....Eddie had gene Krupa Deluxe drums. We had some good stuff. Unfortunately everything we recorded disappeared which to this day hurts. Well keep following your dream.

hi hi
hi I was looking at a few songs and saw a bass cover happened to be yours after hearing it checked out your profile right now I am in collage for medical aid and I know how hard it can be for you but there is only one thing I can say your doing great you make me smile knowing there are people like you who will not let a illness keep them down or from what they want to do so I hope you keep working till your finger tips bleed and one day I hope to see you on the TV. I play bass my self but I also enjoy the medical world I plan to be a doctor one day or if I ever get in a good band then a rocker so who knows we might just meet one day either on stage or when there is a cure for your illness keep up the great work and stay strong.

April 26, 2008
Its pretty awesome that you fight something that's on you with the passion of your hobby. I never would've thought of using that as fuel to beat it. amazing. ill pray for you. keep up the awesome playing.
I think it's the other way around.
I've been a bass player for over 20 years now and I sometimes become laxed in practicing. You have such a determination to play and a love for the bass that I'm ashamed of myself during the times when I should be practicing and just don't want to. From now on, whenever I get that feeling, I'll think of you and your spirit. Thank you!





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